Innovating and updating ourselves in the latest techniques and trends in our field.

Thus we can be more efficient and effective in providing solutions to our clients.

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In business as in mountaineering, The support of a team is better.


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Advising our clients, guiding and supporting their projects, as well as providing an efficient, effective service and continuous support. Their success is also ours.
We want to be not only a well-known company, but also to be recognized for our competitiveness in prices, services, support and customer satisfaction.
BUBAWEB, was born from a group of engineers and lawyers in 2018, oriented to web development, application development and electronic commerce. In 2020, we plan to expand our Business Core due to the needs of our clients. We add press and communication services, administration of social networks, brochures and digital brochures and expanding our business to LATAM and some clients in Spain.
We are committed to providing our clients with a timely and efficient service, based on our knowledge and experience.
Our techniques are:


¿Qué es Local Guides y cómo funciona este sistema de valoraciones de Google Maps?
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RR.SS. nicho o alternativas para mejorar tu conexión con la audiencia
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Google lanza APP que te reprende si caminas y miras el móvil
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